One-on-One Mentoring Services  $2950
- Advertising & Marketing ($450)
   1 hour brainstorming session about social media marketing and the kinds of advertising that makes sense for your business. 

- Making a Business Plan ($650)
  2 hour planning session to advise and answer all your questions about becoming a wedding photographer. 

- Basic Wedding Lighting ($750)
   2 hour mentoring session to learn and play with basic wedding lighting, both on and off camera lighting

- Assist & Mentor  ($1500)
   I assist/mentor you at one of your wedding.  I 2nd or 3rd shoot, observe and give you a critique and pointers on the day


When I started my business over 5 years ago, I was like a blind woman grasping around frantically for my cane when it came to running my business.  I had to figure out everything on my own through trial and error and failure and putting my money in a lot of dead end directions.

My mentorship program is for the beginning photographer who wants to avoid the mistakes and pitfalls that I went through to get to where I am today!  There are tons of programs you can purchase on the internet, which can be helpful, but there is nothing like that one on one, in person time to bounce ideas off of each other and ask specific questions in order to grow your skill and your business.

You can purchase separate mentoring programs for the specific areas you want to learn, or you can get a discount on services by purchasing them in a bundle.  When you purchase a mentoring program with me, it comes with six months of email support to answer questions and give advice.
Let me help you jumpstart your wedding photography business!