Thomas and Amanda Get Married // Iowa Wedding Photographer

Thomas and Amanda // April 2, 2016

I’m pretty sure that if there was a contest for cutest couple ever, Thomas and Amanda would win by a landslide!  Even though it was a chilly and windy day in Sioux Center, Iowa, these two were clearly so in love that the cold didn’t even touch them!!  The day was full of beautiful little details and touches.  It was such an honor to be able to photograph their gorgeous day and their beautiful love story.  Congratulations Mr. and Mrs. Brophy!

See Thomas and Amanda’s Kansas City Engagement Session HERE!!

2016-07-13_0001.jpg 2016-07-13_0002.jpg 2016-07-13_0003.jpg 2016-07-13_0004.jpg 2016-07-13_0005.jpg 2016-07-13_0006.jpg 2016-07-13_0007.jpg 2016-07-13_0008.jpg 2016-07-13_0009.jpg 2016-07-13_0010.jpg 2016-07-13_0011.jpg 2016-07-13_0033.jpg 2016-07-13_0034.jpg 2016-07-13_0035.jpg 2016-07-13_0036.jpg 2016-07-13_0037.jpg 2016-07-13_0038.jpg 2016-07-13_0012.jpg 2016-07-13_0013.jpg 2016-07-13_0014.jpg 2016-07-13_0015.jpg 2016-07-13_0016.jpg 2016-07-13_0017.jpg 2016-07-13_0018.jpg 2016-07-13_0019.jpg 2016-07-13_0020.jpg 2016-07-13_0021.jpg 2016-07-13_0022.jpg 2016-07-13_0023.jpg 2016-07-13_0024.jpg 2016-07-13_0025.jpg 2016-07-13_0026.jpg 2016-07-13_0027.jpg 2016-07-13_0028.jpg 2016-07-13_0029.jpg 2016-07-13_0030.jpg 2016-07-13_0031.jpg 2016-07-13_0032.jpg 2016-07-13_0042.jpg 2016-07-13_0043.jpg 2016-07-13_0044.jpg 2016-07-13_0039.jpg 2016-07-13_0040.jpg 2016-07-13_0041.jpg 2016-07-13_0045.jpg 2016-07-13_0046.jpg 2016-07-13_0047.jpg 2016-07-13_0048.jpg 2016-07-13_0049.jpg 2016-07-13_0050.jpg 2016-07-13_0051.jpg 2016-07-13_0052.jpg 2016-07-13_0053.jpg 2016-07-13_0054.jpg 2016-07-13_0055.jpg

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