Corey & Sarah // Engagement Session // Lincoln, Nebraska

When Corey and Sarah come to my studio and told me they wanted to hire me for their destination wedding in The Domincan Republic, I was like “Sign me UP!!” Since they wanted to make their announcement right away, but it was freezing ass winter, we decided to do a short Mini Session in The Haymarket, and then have another session at their home and around Lincoln in the Spring when it warmed up. During both engagement sessions, it was clearly obvious just how in love Corey and Sarah were and how much fun they had together. . . . they were seriously one of the most vibrant couples I’ve had the honor of photographing!

2018-02-01_0001.jpg 2018-02-01_0002.jpg 2018-02-01_0003.jpg 2018-02-01_0004.jpg 2018-02-01_0005.jpg 2018-02-01_0006.jpg 2018-02-01_0007.jpg 2018-02-01_0008.jpg 2018-02-01_0009.jpg 2018-02-01_0010.jpg 2018-02-01_0011.jpg 2018-02-01_0012.jpg 2018-02-01_0013.jpg 2018-02-01_0014.jpg 2018-02-01_0015.jpg 2018-02-01_0016.jpg 2018-02-01_0017.jpg 2018-02-01_0018.jpg 2018-02-01_0019.jpg 2018-02-01_0020.jpg 2018-02-01_0021.jpg 2018-02-01_0022.jpg 2018-02-01_0023.jpg 2018-02-01_0024.jpg 2018-02-01_0025.jpg 2018-02-01_0026.jpg 2018-02-01_0027.jpg 2018-02-01_0028.jpg 2018-02-01_0029.jpg 2018-02-01_0030.jpg 2018-02-01_0031.jpg 2018-02-01_0032.jpg 2018-02-01_0033.jpg 2018-02-01_0034.jpg 2018-02-01_0035.jpg 2018-02-01_0036.jpg 2018-02-01_0037.jpg 2018-02-01_0038.jpg 2018-02-01_0039.jpg 2018-02-01_0040.jpg 2018-02-01_0041.jpg 2018-02-01_0042.jpg 2018-02-01_0043.jpg 2018-02-01_0044.jpg 2018-02-01_0045.jpg

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