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Let me tell you a story. . .

It was about two years ago, the Spring of 2017, and I had just left a part-time job that wasn’t super fulfilling to me. With time on my hands, and a little bit of wanderlust and a feeling of “what am I going to do with my life”, I answered a facebook ad for “part-time, seasonal help wanted”. It was on a local farm, and being a ‘farmer’s daughter’, I thought that maybe, JUST maybe this would be something that would be good for my soul.

I reached out to this farmer, whom I had never met but had been Facebook friends with for a few years, and asked him if he would let me help on his farm. I told him about my 17 years of experience “working” on a farm (although my dad laughed when I told him this) and assured him that I would do a really good job. I was so excited when he told me that I could come work for him, so I dug out my muck boots and found myself lovingly transplanting hundreds of tiny, baby asparagus.

I must have done an amazing job working for him (if I do say so myself), because after the ‘seasonal’ position was done, he continued to let me work for him (despite my cold and grumpy demeanor at times — which, in my defense I was there to WORK not CHAT).

At some point, during our snack breaks on the porch, I convinced him that he needed to have lifestyle photos taken for his farm. Knowing that he was also a local musician (a drummer!), I told him that I would swap him photos if he gave my oldest son drum lessons, to which he agreed.

Our shoot was so much fun! It was the first time I saw my grubby boss cleaned up, and he was a blast to walk around the farm with, snapping shots for him to use on his social media, and his smile was so natural and heartfelt that I could really see the love for his farm shining through.

I continued to work for him through the summer, and I really felt a sense of peace being on the farm. This kind farmer was such a joy to work for, and ended up being a really cool person to talk to. He let me come out to watch amazing sunsets and even took me kayaking!

Now. . . I’m not saying that I’m the BEST farmer or photographer in the world, but as it turns out I get to marry Farmer Jones next month, which makes me REALLY glad I answered the Help Wanted ad!

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